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About Us

Bristol Pilates Studio in Bedminster

Founded by Elle in 2016

Hi, I’m Elle Morrison and I created Bristol Pilates Studio in 2016. A dedicated Pilates space where we teach a wide range of Pilates styles that all improve mind, body and spirit.

“My Pilates journey has had a few stops and starts.”

I started teaching Fitness Pilates in 2009 and between then and 2014 I worked in lots of small boutique studios in Glasgow and co-owned a large studio in Glasgow.

Then in October 2014 I was involved in a car crash, when I got hit by a car whilst out cycling. My whole life changed in that moment.

That is when I rediscovered Pilates, but not in a fitness setting, in a small studio setting, I was hooked! I continued learning with my teacher through 2015 and received my Pilates Foundation mat work certificate in 2016.

I continue my studies in Pilates and am currently studying for my Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certificate. Due for completion in May 2019.

Moving to Bristol in 2016, I decided to teach Pilates only, setting up teaching from home and then opening the studio in October 2016. Things have been going from strength to strength. 2018 has seen the studio expand into another unit, with Evie (Body Control Mat & Peak Pilates Comprehensive) joining me.

I have several qualifications in massage, Pilates and fitness and am currently midway through my Classic Pilates certificate with Peak Pilates, which means there will now be apparatus sessions at the studio alongside the mat classes. The plan is to have a fully stocked Classical Pilates Studio by mid 2019.

*update November 2018* The studio currently has 3 Universal Reformers, 1 Ladder Barrel, 1 Spine Corrector and 1 Eye Chart.

Evie has been taking on more classes to enable me to have some more time to teach the apparatus side of things, I’m really enjoying the direction that the studio is going in and hope that you are too.

Since I opened the studio, I have met every person for a consultation and posture check prior to starting lessons, this continuing to happen but with Evie taking some of these.

As the studio continues to grow, I want to keep the same integrity and values, making every person feel comfortable and welcome in a non-judgemental environment.