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About Us

Bristol Pilates Studio in Bedminster

Who are we?

Hello, I’m Elle and I co-own Bristol Pilates Studio with Evie.

I created Bristol Pilates Studio in 2016 as I wanted a dedicated Pilates space in south Bristol where I could teach Pilates after moving from Glasgow.  In 2018 Evie joined me and now we are co-owners of the studio. We both teach mat classes and apparatus lessons here at the studio, alongside Helen, Lou, Katie and Laura who teach part time.

The studio follows the Peak Pilates style of teaching, which is to teach the classical repertoire the way that Joe Pilates would have wanted it to be taught.

We take all clients on by doing an initial consultation, then we can guide you along the correct Pilates path for your body.

As the studio continues to grow, we want to keep the same integrity and values, making every person feel comfortable and welcome in a non-judgemental environment.

We hope to see you in the studio soon.