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Bristol Pilates Studio

  • Mar092021

    Re-opening, again!

    Spring is in the air, balloons have been sighted in Ashton Court, it’s really starting to feel like Bristol is…

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  • Nov012020

    Locked down but not knocked down

    Hi everyone Despite our desperate pleas to the universe, Lockdown Part 2 is upon us. From 00:01 on Wednesday 4th…

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  • Jul202020

    Our commitment to keeping you healthy

    As fitness professionals the health and happiness of our clients has always been of great importance, but since the pandemic…

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  • Jul202020

    Re-Opening Bristol Pilates Studio

    It’s been a strange few months but at last we can see light at the end of the tunnel. After…

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  • Apr162020

    Modifications and building blocks for Pilates exercises

    The Pilates exercises are designed as a journey. No one starting Pilates as a beginner could be expected to start…

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