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Bristol Pilates Studio

  • Mar312020

    Zoom Timetable

    Current clients please check your PDF for the Zoom links Pilates Fundamentals for all Monday & Friday at 09:30 Gentle…

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  • Mar202020

    The Mat Work Order

    How and why we teach an order Joseph Pilates created his mat exercises to be performed in a certain order.…

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  • Mar172020

    What you might need for Pilates at home

    Joseph Pilates designed the mat work so people could do it at home. So thankfully you don’t need loads of…

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  • Mar172020

    How to use Zoom for your online Pilates class

    Using Zoom to do Pilates is nice and simple, and doesn’t mean you have to do it really fast. But…

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  • Aug272019

    Why Men Don’t Do Pilates

    The following appeared on the Pilates Anytime Blog as a response to this previous blog. WHY MEN DON’T DO PILATES…

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