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We are now taking on new clients for online mat classes.

The studio is physically closed until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

For new members, enquiries and one-to-one sessions

Who is teaching me?

Elle – original founder of BPS and now co-owner, L2/3 Comprehensive Pilates teacher.

Evie – co-owner, L1/2 Comprehensive Pilates teacher.

Helen – L1 trainee Comprehensive Pilates teacher.

Comprehensive means that we are trained to teach Pilates as a whole system, this includes the mat system and all classical apparatus.

How do I get inside the building?

Between the hours of 9am and 5pm just push the glass door and it will open, head up to the first floor, there is a pink door mat outside our studio. Between the hours of 5pm and 9am please ring the door bell and wait for us to come down and open it. If there is no answer, please give us a call on 07722044117.

What do I wear to mat class?

Socks, comfortable fitting leg wear, nothing too baggy and a couple of layers on top. We have some spare socks if you forget yours.

What do I wear to a studio session?

Bare feet or sticky socks (we have some available). Clothing must be free from zips and buttons. No jewellery or watches to be worn during the studio apparatus sessions.

How do I book in?

All potential clients must attend a consultation first. These take 30 minutes and require a £20 deposit.

How do I pay?

By BACS to: Bristol Pilates, Account: 88723240 Sort Code: 521000 Ref: your name

How flexible are bookings?

Mat class – Once you have booked your core class (the one you will attend the most), there is flexibility to move around other classes, days and times. We have an open register and you manage booking them yourself. Please make up classes within the Term. You do not pay for pre-booked holidays. If you would like us to book you in please text 07722044117

Studio sessions – These are booked either via email or in the studio. If you cancel these sessions within 24 hours there is no charge for the first 3 cancellations but there is from the 4th onwards.

Other info:

Water: We have fresh filtered water available. Please do not take liquids into the mat or apparatus area, leave them at the bench.

Food: No food inside the studio please. Please avoid eating directly before a lesson, there may be moves that involve rolling on your stomach.

Shoes: Store under the bench.

Refunds: No refunds will be given unless you are injured and cannot attend class or move out of the area. We require either a doctors or solicitors letter providing proof before a refund will be given.

Colds & flu: If you have one please stay home. Same goes for anything contagious within your household.

Farting: Everyone does this at some point during their Pilates lessons, we ask that if someone does you do not pass comment or high 5 them.

Laughing: We are serious about our Pilates teaching but relaxed in atmosphere. Feel free to laugh, shout, ask questions or cry.

Judging: The studio is a non-judgemental area. Everyone is working to the best of their own ability.

Studio visits: Please note that classes, lessons, assessments, consultations, meetings and visits must be prearranged. We do not operate a drop in system for classes.

Comments, compliments or complaints: Send them to [email protected]

Your body: Whilst taking a session at the studio, you are in charge of your body. Do not continue to do Pilates through pain or more than mild discomfort. It is acceptable to experience mild discomfort during class. On occasion you may experience mild discomfort in your muscles(DOMS) a day or 2 after taking a lesson, this is normal, any pain exceeding this then please seek advice from your local health professional.

Our qualifications: A Comprehensive Pilates Teacher is one who has studied the Pilates Method as a whole system. This means we can teach mat and apparatus and have studied how these complement and link in with each other. We have studied the Peak Pilates program via Karen Ingram. Peak have a tiered system of certification: Trainee, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and then more training to advance offered as continued education (CEC’s).

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