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Opening for 1:1s Monday 19th of April.
Continuing with online mat classes rest of 2021.

Online mat classes

Progress your Pilates at home

Pilates for everyone

We teach online Pilates mat classes 5 days a week using Zoom. Our teachers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, allowing us to bring a variety of class levels to suit all abilities.

Our studio follows a classical way of teaching so you get to learn the classical mat repertoire that Joseph Pilates designed. This allows you to see the progression in your own body and learn more about the key connections Pilates can give your mind, body and spirit.

The timetable is broken down into terms but you can start at any time.

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Class times

Monday: 09:30(2), 13:45(5), 18:00(4), 19:30(6)

Tuesday: 09:30(5/6), 10:35(3), 18:00(4), 19:30(5/6)

Wednesday: 09:30(4), 10:35(1), 18:00(5), 19:30(3), 20:30(6)

Thursday: 09:30(5/6), 18:00(5)

Friday: 09:30(2), 10:35(4)

The Levels

For a more detailed breakdown of the levels please get in touch.
We teach in the following order:
1. Gentle
2. Fundamentals
3. Beginners
4. Level 1
5. Level 2
6. Level 3
7. Super Advanced

Term times



12 weeks

Closed 15th-21st February




12 weeks

Closed 31st May to 6th June




5 weeks





12 weeks

Closed 25th-31st Oct


Simply priced Pilates

Membership packages:

    • Unlimited online mat classes for the term £144
    • Unlimited online mat classes for the year £462

For more details on membership packages see our pricing page

Getting started

When you first get in touch with us we’ll send you a health form to fill out. This will help us find the right class for you. We can answer questions via email or happy to chat over the phone.

Once you’ve got your class and have paid for the term we’ll send you the links for all the classes and explain which ones are suitable for you.

What you need

  • mat
  • small cushion/pillow to potentially put under your head
  • small cushion/pillow to potentially put under your lower back
  • enough space to reach your arms out to the side
  • clothes you’re comfortable moving in
  • laptop/tablet with camera and audio (preferably not a phone as the view is quite small)
  • good internet connection (we also suggest putting your device on airplane mode to avoid interruptions)
  • position your camera so we can see your whole body (preferably from the side or from a height, not head on)
  • an hour to yourself

Before you class please make sure you’re confident using Zoom. If you’re not sure and would like us to check you connection and mat set up just let us know and we can plan a test run.