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Studio Classes

Focused, progressive & expert Pilates tuition

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Coming to the studio:

  • Enter throught either door depending if a class is in progress, press the doorbell if the door is not open.
  • There will be hand spray for you to use on entering the studio.
  • You can then walk straight through to the kitchen to deposit shoes and bags.

During class:

  • All apparatus will be cleaned before and after each session and no two people will use the same piece of equipment during the session.
  • Pilates teachers need to be able to come near you and touch to make corrections. While we will be ensuring we do this in the safest way possible, if you’re not comfortable with tactile corrections please let us know.


  • The classes are staggered to ensure us enough cleaning time and staggered arrival times.
  • The windows and doors will be open with a fan on to maintain airflow.
  • An air purifier will be on to aid in clean air.
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