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Pilates Studio Sessions

Focused, progressive & expert Pilates tuition

Pilates made Personal

Every studio session is tailor made to suit the body in front of us.  We consult with you first to make sure that we are suited to teach you, then assign you a teacher best suited to your needs and goals.  The sessions are suitable for an absolute beginner to Pilates or the more advanced client.

There are so many elements to the Pilates Movement System of Contrology, we look forward to introducing more and more to our collection of apparatus.

We want everyone to feel the benefits of Joseph Pilates’ whole body, whole system approach to movement.

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Studio Sessions

Your studio session will comprise of 4 elements.

  1. Mat work – We teach everyone the fundamentals and build upon this so that you can either practice at home or attend mat class with us. If you attend mat class we might skip this bit or work on some movements that you find challenging.
  2. Reformer – We teach this in a clear methodical way. Once you have learned your repertoire, you can attend the open supervised sessions that we have.
  3. Individual needs – This is where we really get to work on finding your deeper connections, working on specific areas that need attention. We can work on deeper abdominal connections, opening the chest area, inner thighs, your backside(glutes).
  4. Pilates endings – Here is where you get to use the smaller pieces of equipment; weights, Pilates circle, standing Pilates wall series or ladder barrel for ballet stretch series.

Prevention and care

Pilates Studio sessions are perfect for preventing injury or as a compliment to physiotherapy in aiding recovery from illness and injury.

We are serious about your care here and sometimes we will need to liaise with your healthcare professional before we can take you on as a client.

If they have recommended that you do Pilates, it’s great if you can bring along a letter from them to your first consultation with us.

We personalise each private session to your body and work inline with the recommendations of your healthcare professional. Allowing you to regain strength and movement, whilst also providing a friendly, supportive environment and enjoyable experience.

Studio Sessions

Our studio sessions take place in an open environment, which means as you have your lesson, others may be in the space having lessons or practising too.

It is our aim for you to be able to come and do studio sessions with others while being supervised by our teachers, this is the way that Joe operated his studio.

One-to-one Mat Pilates

If you’re not interested in the apparatus side of things here at the studio we can also teach you the mat work, though we’d prefer that you did both.

The mat work has several repertoires that we can teach you to practice at home.

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