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Your Pilates Journey

Own your Pilates practice

We meet every single person for a consultation before they start doing Pilates with us. During the 45 minutes we’ll chat about your health and goals to make sure we can start you off in the right place. We also go over some mat fundamentals and some exercises on the reformer. This is so you can get a taste of how we teach and we can see you move.

Pilates is personal at our studio. Between us we know all our clients by name and are always available to talk about goals or concerns.

1) Consultation

2) Group mat class or 1:1 lesson

Depending on your experience and Pilates goals, we might suggest you join a group mat class or start with 1:1 lessons. You could start with 3 1:1 lessons with the aim of joining a mat class once you feel more confident with the exercises.

10 1:1 lessons is another option where you learn both the mat and apparatus. The goal here is to progress you to becoming more self-sufficient with your practice and moving into a group apparatus class once you’re ready.

Group apparatus classes are ideal for clients who have already had some experience with the apparatus. You get the chance to work through your mat and reformer repertoires at your own pace and are then guided through exercises on other apparatus. With just four of you in a group you still get focused attention from your teacher. This is how Joseph Pilates used to run his studio, which is why we aim to progress our clients to this level of ability.

3) Group apparatus classes

4) Train with the trainer

Naturally, Pilates teachers have to keep up their Pilates practice.

During these sessions your teacher will be running through the mat or reformer repertoire as well as some other apparatus exercises. By doing these exercises alongside your teacher you’ll get the opportunity to fine-tune your practice and learn new exercises.

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