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July 2019 info

July 2019 info
9th July 2019 Elle Morrison
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Hello everyone some information for you all:
1. From September onwards Evie will be teaching on a Thursday evening and Elle on a Wednesday. We understand that you can get attached to a teacher(as us our clients). You are welcome to send in a class change request and we’ll do what we can to switch you over if you want to stick with your teach.
2. Yearly memberships: a separate email will be sent out if you already have one. If you are interested in one, they start either from July 22nd or September 2nd, email us for more info.
3. Summer term starts on July 22nd for 6 weeks. If you are coming please pay £9/lesson for as many weeks that you are attending and let us know ASAP. Currently we have 9 people booked in for morning classes, if there are no more takers we’ll need to take action.
4. Apparatus lessons. Lessons with Helen will be available for £250/10 lessons or £450/20 lessons. Elle and Evie on request.
Class Levels for summer:


10:35                    Evie                       Level 1

18:00                    Evie                       Level 1/2

19:00                    Evie                       Level 2/3

20:00                    Evie                       Level 1/2



10:00                    Elle                        Level – mixed

18:00                    Elle                        Level 1/2

19:00                    Elle                        Level 2/3

20:00                    Elle                        Level 2/3+




09:30                    Evie                       Level 1

10:35                    Elle                        Modified

17:30                    Elle                        Level 1/2

18:30                    Elle                        Level 1/2

19:30                    Elle                        Level 1/2

20:30                    Elle                        Level 1/2




09:30                    Elle                        Level 1/2

10:35                    Evie                       Level 3+

18:00                    Evie                       Level 2/3

19:00                    Evie                       Level 1/2

20:00                    Evie                       Level 2/3

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