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What’s new in 2019

What’s new in 2019
26th December 2018 Elle Morrison
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Hello everyone, here is some news about the studio in 2019.

We will be kicking off the start of the year with 2 open days on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th January 2019.

There are 2 choices to book onto:

1. Pilates class – come and have a taster of what the Universal Reformer & mat class feel like.

2. Chiropractic treatment – Rebecca is offering 10 minute slots.

All proceeds are being split between these two charities – Womankind Bristol and Off The Record.

You can book onto this by clicking here.

Pilates classes start on Monday 7th of January 2019 – to book your consultation click here.

All classes will be taught by Elle or Evie.

You will see on the timetable that there are 3 grades of classes:

  1. Gentle – this class is suitable for those wanting a more gentle approach to Pilates, perhaps you have been guided to Pilates by another health professional following on from rehabilitation from an injury.
  2. Beginners – for those with no Pilates experience but who are healthy and looking for progression.
  3. Pilates – for those with Pilates experience.

We would still like to do a consultation with you before you join class, so that we can guide you to the correct level of class. We do not publish the levels as they change with the eb and flow of clients to and from classes.

Reformer classes will start in Jnauary 2019, these will be bookable by block and a basic knowledge of reformer will be necessary before joing class.

We would like to take this chance to thank you for your continued support of the studio and we look forward to sharing more classicla Pilates with you in 2019.


Here’s to the continued success and progression of the studio.

Elle & Evie.

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